Extrusion-cooking technology

About us:
In 1990, we started our company with one goal: to provide the best possible advice for all your extrusion cooking needs. Our team of experts has decades’ worth of experience and is constantly expanding their knowledge in this field through research at international centers. We are the leading company in our field, with many years of experience and an extensive network. We know how to implement production processes for all types of foods using this technology across various ranges.

The range of our services:
We provide consulting services to help you start-up and/or expand your business. Our team will work with all aspects of the process, including production planning for extruded food products like pet foods or animal feed; marketing strategies that are tailored specifically towards each industry’s needs (such as developing new brands). We also provide research & development (R&D) according to individual requirements which include market assessment including trends impacting consumer behavior, and change impact on shelf-life extension strategies proposed for new product launches.

Production of extruded food

Our experience:
Thanks to our decades-long relationships with leading extrusion cooking equipment manufacturers all over the world (see reference list), we are kept up with what’s new and improved. We are constantly updating ourselves with the latest technological advancements so that we can offer our customers only top-quality equipment. It also helps us establish good relationships, which means more business opportunities in the future as well.

Services provided by us:
The global market for pet food and extruded animal feed has seen rapid growth in recent years, which means that many companies are now looking to expand their current activities or modernize existing equipment. We will help you find solutions that work best within your budget while still providing efficient performance – all without sacrificing quality products. Our team of experts has years’ worth of experience helping businesses like yours.

We are the technology leader, with our own extrudates technologies and technical designs. We can also develop custom-made ones just for you!

We specialize in the development and implementation of projects for our customers. We provide scientific supervision during design phases to ensure successful projects, as well as project expertise when it comes down to choosing equipment or recipes based on your needs. Let us prepare an action plan tailored specifically to meet your needs so you can focus on growing your business and ideas.



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